Buscando a SHANTI / The search for Shanti Rajasthan India
On February 12 of 2006 I found a gorgeous woman sweeping the floor of a Hindu temple, in a small town in the state of Rajasthan, India. I had to convinced her of letting me take her portrait, because she was not only shy, but overwhelmed by my interest in her. Later I learned she belongs to the untouchable cast. This is the lowest group in India, the ones that mostly make a living by giving maintenance to the places where other humans live their daily soils. Her name is Shanti, meaning Peace.

Oregon Coast/Article,Russ Burden.
Sunrise and sunsets, low tide pools and dancing seaguls. Magical Forests with fantastic falls. All in one spectacular Photo shoot of 10 days.

Russell Burden
Photographer, friend and teacher, Russ is the one who guided me when I shot my great photo winner of multiple contests 'Shallow River' I have participated with him in photo tours to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, in the Fall 2003[Wyoming],Oregon Coast in June 2005, Bryce & Zion on November 2006.

Libro que narra de forma estremecedora, irreverente,acusadora y del mismo modo compasiva, los 13 aƱos de srvicio a los mas pobres del mundo y las experiencias de los once viajes a India.

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